Topic: Utilities

Topic Description:

Basic R utilities used in many packages and functions, such as date and string manipulations, statistical distributions, geometry of lines and distances. The R package date is required for the two data functions.

File: utilities/utilitiesCTFS.r

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Function: CTFSplot

Function Description: CTFSplot

A convenience for attaching the R Analytical Tables, including the species table. One or more censuses can be requested, and either the 'full' or the 'stem' tables. The path in which R Tables are stored is submitted; if in a folder called CTFSRPackage, then the default works. Within that folder, there must be subfolders named full, stem, and species for the three types of tables. The function 'attach_if_needed' is used, so there is no penalty to requesting a table that is already attached.

Function Arguments:

ArgumentDefault Value

Arguments Description:

  • plot: Name of plot as it appears in the names of the R Analytical Tables, in quote marks
  • census: census numbers as they appear in the names of the R Analytical Tables; can be a vector
  • type: either full or stem, in quote marks
  • path: the name of the folder in which the tables are stored, defaults to CTFSRPackage
  • remove: if TRUE, the tables are detached, otherwise they are attached
  • includespp: can be set to FALSE if the species table is not available

Sample Usage:

CTFSplot(plot='bci',census=1:2) CTFSplot(plot='bci',census=2:3) CTFSplot(plot='sinharaja,census=3,type='stem',path='C:/SinharajaRDataTables')

Function Source:

if(remove) detachfiles(spfile)
else attach_if_needed(spfile)

if(!remove) return(attach_if_needed(filename))