Topic: Survey

Topic Description:

Functions for estimating elevation from topographic survey data.

File: topography/imageJ.r

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Function: SectionCorrection

Function Description: SectionCorrection

This function is called by fullplot.imageJ in the case that the maps are subquadrats to correct the coordinates and make them from 0 to 20 depending on what section of the map the subquadrat belongs to.

Function Arguments:

ArgumentDefault Value

Arguments Description:

  • pts: the coordinates to be corrected
  • subquad: the subquadrat to be corrected
  • gridsize: size of each individual map
  • subquadratsuffix: the suffixes used to indicate what section of the map the subquadrat refers to. They should be named clockwise from the lower left.

Function Source:

if(subquad==subquadsuffix[2] | subquad==subquadsuffix[3]) pts$ly=pts$ly+gridsize[2]
if(subquad==subquadsuffix[3] | subquad==subquadsuffix[4]) pts$lx=pts$lx+gridsize[1]