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Functions for calculating Ripley's K from CTFS R Analytical Tables, many routines for quadrat-based calculations. and calculations of wavelet variance.

File: spatial/slope.r

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Function: calc.gradient

Function Description: calc.gradient

Calculate flow using Seibert & McGlynn algorithm. Takes a 3x3 matrix of elevations and works on central point; also requires grid size (usually 20 m) z=matrix(c(c(268.7,275.9,283.2),c(275.9,282.8,290.0),c(283.2,290.0,297)),nrow=3,byrow=TRUE) This calculates the gradient for the 8 triangular facets around the center point, following Seibert & McGlynn The output is a data.frame of direction and slope for the 8 facets, starting with the lower left and moving clockwise

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